SpaceAgeApps – a consortium of seasoned developers, engineers and database designers with hundreds of years of combined experience.

We are flexible in capabilities and resourcing – When we take on a customer, we size our team to match the needs in terms of time to delivery and budget.

We are experts in:

  • Database Design & Implementation
  • iOS & Droid Native Applications
  • Video – live or post-edited
  • Branding and Creative
  • Websites
  • Electronics Design & Assembly
  • Embedded Programming
  • Integration of all of the above

Data Tales

Printer Problems

Years ago, we used dot matrix printers with fan-folded paper. Remember these? I had a customer call me “Hey, you gotta come fix our printer!” “What’s wrong with it?” “It’s all anglegocky and whopperjawed.”   This might baffle many readers. But having grown up where I did, I instantly knew what she meant. That means …


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